Saturday, August 27, 2011


Zam! is a llama shampoo that was created by two very prestiges llama dermatologists Dr. Dan (American) and Dr. Druff ( German). They searched all over the globe to find the Scalpia herb which is found only in the Brazilian Amazon. The Scalpia herb not only allows the llama hair to grow full in length, but it also always the hair to gain an abundance of volume and life. This herb is imported daily into the experimenting lab so that Dr. Dan and Dr. Druff can work their magic. Zam! is clinically and audience approved as the best llama shampoo to be out in the animal market. Not only does Zam! work miracles on your llama's hair but also for your pocket, Zam! Llama Shampoo is very affordable for all llama owners. Zam! Llama Shampoo should be found in any local corner or grocery store around your neighborhood!!! Product may not work the same on all Llamas. There are no re-funds in case of such situation. Customer must prove to producers that this product does not approve on Llama hair. If there are any disagreements, might be taken into court order!